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We are very excited to introduce a new, fun and efficient set of work collaboration tools! As you know, Locus and Syntax are all about supporting team collaboration that contributes to the quality and timeliness of our work. As part of this commitment, we are introducing powerful collaboration software which we expect will streamline our workflow and communication processes.

We are adopting a unified collaboration platform called Webex Teams (formerly known as Spark), developed by Cisco. Webex Teams is much like Slack. However, it adds certain important benefits such as tight integration with Cisco video conferencing and end-to-end security encryption.

You’ve probably seen the Webex (Spark) Board in the Syntax co-working space and may be vaguely aware of the “Room Kit” attached to the screens in the conference room. But what is Webex Teams really? First, it provides rich messaging among people, teams (groups of people working on specific things together) and spaces (like a Slack channel). It provides file sharing, screen sharing, whiteboarding and instant video conferencing. It instantly connects users in the office with video endpoints such as the Webex Board (aka the Spark Board) and the previously mentioned Room Kit. Webex Teams uses ultrasound to automatically detect these devices when nearby and automatically connects you to the nearest device (if you have the app open on your laptop or phone). Very cool stuff! From there, you can seamlessly fire up a video conference or schedule a meeting in seconds! We will also be using Webex Teams to manage our direct telephone lines – which everyone will be assigned – and voicemail systems.

In short, WebEx Teams is a complete “Swiss Army knife” in support of unified collaboration. It has the capability to eliminate the need for using multiple apps like Slack, Skype, Hangouts, etc… Instead, Webex Teams houses all the same capabilities in one standardized environment – not to mention the cool new toys that come with it. While you are still free to use those other apps, we ask that everyone explore the capabilities and benefits that Webex Teams brings to the table!

We really look forward to the impact that Webex Teams will have on our efficiency. We’ve lots of resources available to you in adopting this exciting technology, including the training materials on these pages, how-to materials and a way to reach out for help on an ongoing basis. With the help of this really cool technology, it should be fun to bring Locus and Syntax to the cutting edge!

All the best,

Rory & Phil